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Skill Garden is a platform that matches novices looking to learn new skills with mentors that want to teach. We facilitate the connection between people who are looking to share their knowledge with people eager to learn.

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How Does It Work

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Login and create your profile

Login and setup your profile so members become familiar with you and your area(s) of expertise and interest.

Select skills you want to teach or learn

Select specific skills that you are wanting to teach or learn from someone in the community.

Members connect with you after reading your profile

Students looking for mentors and vice versa in your specific area will find you and contact you to arrange for lessons.

Meet each other, learn or teach in a casual setting

You meet the student(s) or mentor in a casual setting and the student learns from the mentor.

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Features for students

Find skillful mentors with real world experience

Find people with experience that will help you develop real world skills that educational institutions do not teach.

Fill your skills gap and get hands on training

Fill the skills gap between 21st century skills and-post secondary education and training.

Gain knowledge and be better prepared

Build your knowledgebase and gain expertise. Learn life skills that will better prepare you for the future.

Learn in a casual, social setting

Impart and acquire knowledge in a social, casual, low stress setting with hands-on interaction with people you choose.

Popular skills


Acrylic Paint

Financial Modeling

Mountain Biking


Social Media

Horseback Riding

Glass Art

Latin Dance





Startup Strategy


Features for mentors

Share your knowledge and build your brand

Build your brand in the community and share your expertise. Become a mentor and guide people in your community.

Teach and learn in a social setting

Impart and acquire knowledge in a social, casual, low stress setting with hands-on interaction with people you choose.

Easily access a large student customer base

Find people to teach in our extensive database of students wanting to learn from experienced professionals in the community.

Make extra cash teaching something you love

Earn money teaching people in the community and becoming a mentor to them.

Popular skills


Fly Fishing

East Coast Swing


Motorcycle Riding


Oil Change


Personal Training


Family Law




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